Additional Services

We also offer the following inspection services

Commercial Property Inspections

We offer commercial inspections for properties ranging in size from offices to strip malls and large retail outlets. This inspection provides the client with the necessary due diligence information to make an educated decision to purchase a property. We’ll thoroughly inspect the building’s structure, installed mechanical systems, plumbing and electrical for defective materials or unsafe areas before you make a decision about an investment.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Help set your home apart before you put it on the market. This inspection can help identify items that can be easily fixed and give potential buyer confidence in the house.
Schedule a pre-listing inspection to ensure that there are no hidden issues that could negatively affect a transaction. We’ll thoroughly evaluate the home, giving you the details you need to either arrange repairs or to inform prospective buyers. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations, delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now.

New Construction Inspection

Click Here to learn more about our new construction inspections. This inspection is best to schedule before the builder’s final walkthrough of your new home. We’ll evaluate the property for any issues that need to be brought to your attention, giving you an opportunity to arrange repairs with the builder before closing.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Click Here to learn more about our new construction inspections. A home that’s currently under construction can benefit from a third-party inspection that occurs at multiple phases. We’ll arrive prior to the initial concrete pour, before drywall installation, and again around the time of the final walk through to perform a comprehensive inspection of the property. This will give you peace of mind by ensuring that your new home is adherent to safety protocols and free from any issues that could cost you in the long term.

Builder's One-Year Warranty Inspection

We recommend scheduling this inspection at the 11 month mark right before the builder’s one-year warranty has expired on your new home. We’ll evaluate the condition of the home’s structure and mechanical features and provide you with a same day report to give to your builder for repairs. This inspection is just as thorough as our new construction inspection and includes a foundation elevation drawing.

WDI/Termite Inspection

Termite damage can compromise the integrity of a structure, often without being immediately visible. This inspection will evaluate a property for any issues caused by termites, including current infestations. We do this inspection in-house so that you don’t have to worry about making a separate appointment with third-party contractors. The inspection will be performed using the state-required wood destroying insect report(WDI) SPCS/T-5.

Included with every WDI is a free 90 day warranty that covers termites and carpenter ant activity. If for any reason you see a termite infestation in your home within 90 days of our WDI report, Sunbelt will perform a treatment at no cost to you.

For more information on the termite warranty click here

Water Well Inspection and Water Quality Testing

The water well inspection will ensure that the Well equipment is in good working order and supplying the home with adequate water pressure. A water sample is collected and sent to our lab to test for Chlorine, Total Coliform and E. Coli. The well sample takes approximately 2-3 days to be returned.

Septic Inspections

A working septic system is vital for the health of any home. This inspection will determine whether this is an aerobic or conventional system and evaluate the condition of the system. We check the sludge levels and determine how the drainage system is set up. If the system has mechanicals these will be inspected to ensure that the system is functioning as intended.

Pool and Spa Inspections

If the home that you’re thinking about buying features a pool or spa, then you may want to schedule this inspection before negotiating a transaction. We’ll carefully evaluate the pool or spa for any structural, mechanical, or other safety issues that you should be aware of.

Sprinkler Inspection

Lawn sprinklers are outside the normal scope of a home inspection, so it is important to let the scheduler know that you need these inspected. This inspection will assess the condition of a home’s irrigation system by testing all 4 components included in the system. The control panel, shut-off valve, backflow preventer and sprinkler heads.

Mold Inspections

During all the inspections that Sunbelt performs we visually search for any evidence of mold and include evidence in the report. However, there are many circumstances where mold is not seen and that is where our additional mold testing can benefit you. Previous flooding, broken pipes or a home that has sat vacant for a period of time are all perfect breeding grounds for mold. Mold not only is a health concern for everyone but can also destroy whatever it grows on. This includes the structure of a house. 
Our mold inspectors will thoroughly scan for any conducive conditions in and outside of the house as well as take multiple air quality samples for our lab to evaluate. Our mold reports are easy to read and returned in 24-48 hours. This report will tell you what types of molds may be present and the levels they are at.

Sewer Scoping

The camera will be run through the home’s main drainpipe and maneuver its way throughout the sewer lines. Your inspector will be looking for any visible cracks, damages, or clogs, and will report any structural damage or health risks that come from your sewers. A sewer scope inspection is used to find problems such as tree roots, disconnected or damaged pipes that can cause expensive problem down the road.  The inspector will use a small camera connected to a long cable which is snaked through the pipes. He will start at either the drain cleanout or a vent stack on the roof. When you receive your inspection report it will include video from the sewer camera and a sketch of the sewer lines with pinpoints to any issues the inspector finds.

Critical Pest Assessment

The Critical Pest Assessment! At Sunbelt Inspections, we understand the importance of a thorough inspection when purchasing a home. That’s why we have added this extra service to our home inspection package. Our team of experts will comb through every nook and cranny of your potential new home to search for any signs of pests, including rodents and other critters. With our detailed report, you will have a comprehensive understanding of any pest-related issues that may be present. Additionally, we will provide you with a written invoice for the cost of repairs, which can be incredibly useful when it comes time for negotiations. Don’t let pests be a surprise when it’s too late, let Sunbelt Inspections help you make an informed decision with our Critical Pest Assessment service.


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Very personable, and explained everything very well. I was looking at
an older home and he really was able to help me distinguish the little
cosmetic things from the things I should have concerns about.

Will G

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Hands down the fastest, most efficient, most professional and easy
to use inspection company I have ever used. They have all my future

Tim S

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Great job done quickly and thoroughly! We were very impressed and
very happy with our inspection. The inspector was also very
professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

Kirsten O

Sunbelt Inspections is dedicated to providing dependable home inspection services that will facilitate an informed and responsible real estate transaction. Here’s how you can schedule our inspection services today.

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