Having a new home built is an exciting project. It’s the chance to live in a brand new space that is uniquely yours. Even newly-built homes can require repairs. Make sure that any potential issues with your home are taken care of while it is still under warranty. Learn about why it’s a good idea to request a builder’s warranty inspection.

Not Every New Home is Perfect

It’s common to think that a new home should be perfect. While it may look like it is in excellent condition to you, there may be hidden defects you can’t see. For instance, you could experience:

  • Issues with electrical wiring
  • Foundation problems
  • Roofing leaks

These are only a few of the imperfections that may not have been caught during the building of your home. If you don’t request a builder’s warranty inspection, these issues may become apparent after the warranty has expired.

Protect Your Investment With a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

If there are unseen issues that pose danger, you may be facing a serious risk. Unconnected live wires, for instance, are a fire hazard. Since you can’t learn about wiring issues without a proper inspection, they can go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Be Prepared if You Want to Sell the Home

One day, you may decide to sell the home you had built. Whoever buys it will order their own inspection. If there are issues from construction that were never remedied, they may create holdups with your sale. As a seller, you want to be confident that there are no underlying issues that have only been getting worse over the years.

Having a builder’s warranty inspection completed protects you from having to pay for issues that came from construction. Read the warranty carefully before moving into your new home so that you know what is included.

Sunbelt Inspections provides home inspection services, including builder’s warranty inspections, to the Greater Houston area. Contact us if you have had a new home built and would like to schedule an inspection.