Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners to Keep Your Home Clean

It takes extra work to keep your home clean when you have pets. House cleaning is easier when you follow these cleaning tips for pet owners.

1. Keep Your Pets Clean

The first of our cleaning tips for pet owners makes all of the others easier. Cats usually keep themselves clean, but dogs need to be bathed. Some breeds of dogs can be bathed with a hose in your backyard, but others should be professionally groomed. In between bathing, brush pets’ coats to remove loose fur. Cats will also shed less if you brush them.

2. Wash Pet Beds

All of the pet beds you purchase should be washable or come with removable covers. Launder the coverings often to keep them from building up fur and prevent odors. Pet beds absorb water and oil from your pet’s skin, feet, and fur, so they need to be washed just like your sheets. Replace the whole bed when it looks dirty even when it’s just been washed. If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, the bed will need replacing more often than an indoor pet’s bed.

3. Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners Include Dusting

Dusting the flat surfaces around your house will remove pet dander and fur. Some cleaning tips for pet owners for dusting are to get a long-handle duster and buy reusable dusting cloths. Dusting sprays help the particles stick to the cloth. Look for green or pet-safe products, or make your own home formula.

4. Dealing With Carpet

3 tips for pet owners who have carpet are to invest in a steam cleaner, have your carpets professionally cleaned annually, or remove the carpets and replace with hard floors. These steps make maintaining your floors more manageable.

5. Doormats

Place doormats on the inside and outside of all exterior doors. Two mats reduce the dirt and mud that pets’ paws bring into the house. The inside mat can be made of carpet if you want a more decorative look, but the outside mat should have some grip to it. Doormats specifically made for heavy outdoor use have material to naturally scrub the bottom of shoes and feet.

6. Litter Box

Scoop the box clean daily, and even more often if you have several cats. Change out all of the litter once a week. Fast clumping litter is easy to scoop and keeps the box fresh longer. Some safety cleaning tips for pet owners dealing with cat boxes are to wear gloves and a mask when emptying the tray so that you do not inhale any of the loose particles. Wash the pan once a week with dish soap, and allow it to dry completely before refilling.

7. Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners With Yards

If you have a dog, pick up their droppings daily. Dog urine can kill grass, so if you notice dry or dead spots in the lawn, it might be from your pet. If possible, hose the grassy spot down with water to dilute it after your dog relieves himself.

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