Create a Budget for Home Maintenance Tasks

New homeowners need to be diligent when budgeting for their mortgage, home insurance, and property tax. However, many first-time buyers neglect to budget for property maintenance, too. Here are some common home maintenance tasks that homeowners should set aside time and money for.

HVAC Maintenance is an Important Task

Hire a professional to handle annual HVAC servicing. Regular maintenance will extend the system’s lifespan and improve its efficiency. In addition to yearly maintenance costs, homeowners need to buy replacement filters for their HVAC systems. Filters may have to be replaced as often as once a month.

Home Fireplace Upkeep

It’s cozy to sit by a fire on a winter evening. Make sure your fireplace is safe with annual maintenance. Have the fireplace inspected by a professional before you use it for the first time. Hire a professional every fall to clean the chimney and inspect for damage.

Yard and Lawn Care

The cost of having a beautifully landscaped yard may surprise first-time home buyers. During the warmer months, you may want to hire someone to regularly mow the lawn and perform other yard maintenance tasks like trimming shrubs and removing weeds.

Even homeowners who handle their own yard maintenance have expenses. You’ll need to purchase equipment including a lawnmower, edgers, pruners, and digging tools. Budget for other supplies for yard work including fertilizers, grass seed, and weed killers.

Necessary Home Maintenance Tasks Include Gutter Cleaning

Gutters help keep water away from the home’s foundation. Unfortunately, they also collect debris which has to be cleared away for the gutters to work properly. Gutters cleaning is typically performed twice a year: after the autumn leaves fall and near the end of spring.

Pressure Washing

Keeping the home’s exterior and driveway clean requires periodic pressure washing. A DIY-er must rent or purchase a pressure washer. Since a pressure washer can cause injury or property damage if used improperly, some homeowners pay a professional to tackle this home maintenance task.

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