Mold creates an unhealthy home environment. Mold spores can grow on any surface from paper and walls to food and carpet, so it’s important to take steps to prevent mold at home. Homeowners who are concerned about mold can take proactive measures to keep their property and family safe.

How to Prevent Mold at Home

Mold can be troublesome for you and your family. Mold causes surfaces to deteriorate and can weaken the structure of your home. Asthma and allergy sufferers have a particularly difficult time when there is mold growth in their living spaces. Use the following tips to prevent mold at home.

1. Improve Your Home’s Mold Resistance

The first step to preventing mold in your house is to assess any problem areas around the home. Look for surfaces prone to condensation, flooding, or leaks. These areas should be addressed immediately as wet, damp, and dark spaces are the perfect environment for mold. Manage moisture issues by fixing leaks, drying the floor, ceiling, and walls, and repairing any damaged surfaces.

2. Dry Wet Areas to Prevent Mold in the Home

Whether your basement flooded after a downpour or water leaked from the shower again, make a point to mop up any wet areas to help prevent mold at home. Along with wiping up spills and wet floors, don’t forget to dry your clothes immediately after washing. Leaving wet clothes in the washer puts them at risk of developing mold. Be sure to set a timer and put your clothes in the dryer as soon as your washing machine finishes its cycle.

3. Reduce Moisture Using Proper Ventilation

Another important way to prevent mold in the home is through ventilation. With the right ventilation in your home, high-moisture locations will dry out quickly. Places like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room all need proper ventilation to keep them mold-free. Use dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, and AC units to remove excess moisture from your home.

4. Monitor Your Home’s Humidity

If you live in a humid climate, monitor the humidity levels in your home. According to the EPA, it’s best to keep your home’s humidity between 30% – 60%. Measure humidity using a moisture meter from a local hardware store. This tool will help you identify more humid areas of your home so you can use a dehumidifier in rooms where the levels are high.

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