Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety essentials for your home. In order for smoke detectors to be effective, they need to be installed where they will provide an early alert for you and your family. Learn about correct smoke detector placement in the home.

Correct Placement for Smoke Detectors

When choosing the location for smoke detectors in your home, it’s important that they’re placed where they will be most effective. You may already have a smoke detector in the kitchen, but it’s important that other rooms in the home are also protected. Read more about where to install your home’s smoke detectors.

Smoke Detector Placement in the Bedrooms

With smoke detectors in each bedroom, you’ll be notified of smoke and fire even when you and your family members are sleeping. Working detectors will sound at the first sign of smoke, giving your family time to get out of the home when a fire is detected.

Position your fire alarm on the ceiling or high on the wall, approximately 4 to 12 inches from the ceiling.

Near Stairwells

Homes with more than one floor have another level of risk when dealing with fire. In case of a fire, your family members will need to exit the house using the stairs or a fire ladder from an upstairs window.

Install a smoke detector along the stairs. If the smoke or fire is close to the stairs, proper smoke detector placement will alert you that stairwells may not be safe enough to use. Position smoke detectors in a location that anyone, upstairs or downstairs, will be able to hear.

In Shared Living Areas

Shared areas in the home like the living room, family room, and kitchen also need smoke detectors. This will guarantee that everyone, regardless of what part of the home they are in, will be aware of the threat of fire.

The Basement

Every level of your home should have at least one smoke detector, including the basement. Whether you regularly use the basement or it is only for storage, having a smoke detector there is a necessity. This is especially important if your furnace or clothes dryer is installed downstairs.

Proper smoke detector placement helps to keep your family and home safe from fire. By installing detectors throughout your home, you’ll be alerted at the first sign of danger.

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