Why You Should Consider a Home Inspector Who Uses Thermal Imaging

Whether you’re buying a new home or are getting ready to sell your home, there are many reasons why you need a professional home inspection. A home inspection helps you determine which areas of the home need to be repaired or touched up before you go through with the purchase or sale of the property.

One type of technology that’s available is infrared thermal imaging in home inspections. This home inspection tool helps the inspector effectively identify key hidden issues that need to be corrected.

What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging uses an infrared camera to detect temperature changes within a home by showing thermal differences along the color spectrum. With a thermal imaging camera, a scan of the home reveals pockets of energy or heat loss that need to be fixed. These pockets could be created by roof leaks, missing insulation, or airtightness issues, to name a few.

What Other Issues Can Thermal Imaging Find?

Infrared thermal imaging in home inspections can also reveal areas of excess moisture in the home that may be caused by plumbing leaks or exterior leaks. These leaks are often hidden behind walls and could lead to mold or mildew problems if left undiscovered.

If there are any electrical problems in the home, thermal imaging can help detect these by displaying an area of unusual heat. Both water and electrical issues are important to know about for health and safety reasons.

Why Is Thermal Imaging In Home Inspections Beneficial?

Thermal imaging detects issues that are tough to spot with the naked eye. A standard home inspection is based on what is visible and accessible to the inspector. By using thermal imaging in home inspections, the inspector has a tool that reveals an extra layer of information about the home. Components like insulation behind drywall, electrical hotspots, or moisture issues may go unnoticed without the help of a thermal imaging camera.

For your next home inspection, find an inspector who uses a thermal imaging camera. Some home inspectors include it at no extra charge in a home inspection, some charge extra, and some do not use thermal imaging in home inspections at all. To get the best information on the home, choose an inspector who uses this tool.

Sunbelt Inspections includes thermal imaging in all home inspections as needed. Contact us to make an appointment in the Greater Houston area.