Anyone who owns a home will occasionally need to tackle minor projects. Making repairs keeps the house functioning well and maintains the home’s value. These small chores often require the use of tools to accomplish the task. Here is a list of the basic tools every homeowner should have to make home maintenance jobs easier.

Stock Your Toolbox with Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Hammer and Nails

A basic, medium-weight hammer is useful for many home tasks. A claw head hammer both drives and removes nails. Keep a small selection of nails in various sizes and types on hand so you can make quick repairs when a problem comes up.

Tape Measure

As a homeowner, you will need a tape measure for measuring window coverings and determining whether a piece of furniture will fit in your space. Your tape measure should be at least 25-feet long and of sufficient quality to last.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Include Screwdrivers

You will need at least two basic types of screwdrivers, both a flat head and Phillip’s head. A medium-size will suit most household tasks. However, small electronics such as toys, remote controls, and other tech gear will require a set of smaller tools. You can find kits available at your local hardware or home improvement store. Keep different sizes and types of screws on hand for repairs.

Adjustable Wrench

This type of wrench has adjustable jaws that can be set to any width within its range. An adjustable tool eliminates the need for a wide selection of wrenches to fit every job.

Carpenter’s Level

A level is a handy tool for a variety of household tasks, such as putting up shelves, aligning artwork, and mounting towel bars. The small bubble of liquid makes it easy to determine the right placement of objects.

Cordless Drill

Drilling a hole is required for many different home projects. Cordless drills make the job easier. Buy a set of drill bits in various sizes. You might also opt for a drill bit set with screwdriver heads to also use your drill as a power screwdriver.


A hacksaw will allow you to remove broken limbs from plants and complete other small cutting tasks around your property.

Pliers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Pliers are essential for gripping items and removing stuck parts. You’ll want at least three types: standard pliers, needle-nose pliers, and cutting pliers. A smaller pair of pliers is also handy to repair jewelry or for tasks related to craftwork or hobbies.


A flashlight is indispensable for emergency power outages and to illuminate darker areas. Choose a good quality flashlight of medium weight and make sure you have extra batteries on hand.

You’ll Need Storage for the Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A toolbox will keep your tools organized so you can find the one you need when a task arises. You can choose from different sizes and types of containers. A lightweight, easy-to-carry plastic toolbox of sufficient size is great for holding the basic tools you’ll need as a homeowner.

The information available on the internet has made completing household repairs easier than ever. When you have the basic tools on hand, you will be able to make minor repairs around your home.

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